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The WGI Blog

Our blog covers topics of interest for our clients: public infrastructure construction and real estate development topics, municipal and state regulations, and smart and connected communities.

Event Recap: Transportation Camp 2024

Each January, transportation professionals, advocates, and policymakers alike gather from all corners of the nation for the annual Transportation Camp and Transportation Research Board Meeting.

Project Spotlight: Clive Bar (Austin, TX)

Experience the extraordinary evolution of Clive Bar, located in the heart of Austin, TX’s, Rainey Street Historic District! From a historic bungalow to a stunning multi-level venue, Clive Bar’s story is as unique as its eclectic ambiance.

Onsite Water Reuse Systems in Austin, TX

With a new code going into effect on December 1st, 2023, onsite water reuse systems will now be required for several new commercial & multi-family development projects throughout Austin. But don’t sweat it – WGI is here to help!

Event Recap: YES Week 2023

WGI’s “YES Week” is back! Read all about WGI’s week long party to recognize & honor our incredible employees where the excitement is palpable & the energy is unmatched.

Water Meter Procurement – City of Austin Edition

Water meters are essential for the accurate measuring of commercial & residential water usage – but the procurement process for a water meter can be a bit tricky. That’s why we’ve outlined all of the information that you’ll need to make your next procurement process a breeze!

New EV Charging Grants for Counties

With the federal government’s recent announcement of two new EV Charging grant programs totaling $150 million, the time for counties to capitalize on the EV revolution is now!

Combining Lidar & Multibeam Sonar

Learn how WGI’s geospatial experts leveraged static and boat mounted mobile lidar and sonar to collect high quality precision data from two distinct project sites.

Equitable Transit Oriented Development (ETODs) in Austin, Texas

While traditional Transit Oriented Developments (TODs) have been used to create more efficient transportation networks in urban areas, they don’t always take into account the needs of existing residents or businesses. That’s why it’s time to say hello to Equitable Transit Oriented Development (ETODs) & their focus on the ‘people’ aspect of development.


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