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A podcast celebrating the people, the projects, and the culture of WGI. Each episode, we sit down with our team members to see what they do on a daily basis to chase their passions and help our clients become more successful.

shad shafie podcast

WGI Unleashed Podcast Episode 48 – Shad Shafie, VP, Buildings

On this episode of WGI Unleashed, we get to know Shad Shafie, VP of Buildings who leads a division that consists of Building Enclosures + Restoration, MEP Engineering, Structures + Parking, Specialty Structures, and Architecture. He resides in our San Antonio, TX office.

WGI Unleashed Podcast Episode 16 – Maria Bolivar, Project Manager

Welcome back to WGI Unleashed! In this episode, we head to our corporate office in West Palm Beach, FL to get to know Maria Bolivar, a Project Manager in our PLACE Division. Maria joined our firm just four months ago and is already making an impact at WGI by utilizing her passion and experience for private land development projects, and offering our clients WGI’s services as a “complete package.” The discussion covers how WGI has given Maria the opportunity to do what she has always wanted, all the lessons she has learned, and the experience she has gained along

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 015 – Introducing WGI Unleashed – Will Schnier, P.E. and Matthew Stewart, P.E

Welcome to the first episode of WGI Unleashed! In this episode, we speak with Will Schnier and Matthew Stewart about the recent news – BIG RED DOG and WGI have recently joined forces to create an engineering and professional services firm of the future! The discussion covers the similarities between the two companies’ cultures and services, and the opportunities that the additional resources will immediately provide for our team members and clients. We also discuss how WGI will help shape the future of our smart and connected cities. Will says, “The combination is like throwing gasoline on a fire. The net effect for our clients is that

WGI Podcast

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 014 – Dane Edwards – Civil Project Designer

Let’s get to know Dane Edwards, a civil project designer in our Austin office! Dane joined BIG RED DOG as an intern in 2014 and started full time in 2015. He quickly combined his art background with new skills in AutoCAD and Civil 3D to become an integral part of our commercial project team. We discuss some of the projects that Dane works on and the opportunities that BIG RED DOG has provided for Dane to excel in his career. On what BIG RED DOG does to make the engineering business cool: “It’s just a great place to be. I

WGI Podcast

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 012 – Madeleine Hirsch, E.I.T. – Graduate Engineer

Welcome back! In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with one of our Traffic and Transportation Engineering team members: Madeleine Hirsch! Maddie joined the company less than two months ago and has already found a place that feels like home. She describes what it’s like working in a field that has very tangible effects on people’s lives as they make their way from their home into the outside world. We even touch on the latest transit trend to consume Austin and San Antonio — scooters! Madeleine is an alumna of Texas A&M University in College Station (which is also where

WGI Podcast

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 011 – Kristi Johnson-Noble – Recruiting and HR Manager

Kristi Johnson-Noble is the Recruiting and Human Resources Manager at BIG RED DOG. She plays an important leadership role in the organization by building a Human Resources department, recruiting talent, and helping to shape the culture of the firm. In this episode, we discuss some of the challenges recruiting talent in this economy, the qualities that we look for in candidates, and how BIG RED DOG’s collaborative culture permeates throughout the company regardless of job function. We also discuss Kristi’s large family and how she likes to travel, camp, and spend time outdoors.

WGI Podcast

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 009 – Russell Yeager, P.E. – Director of Civil Engineering

WGI is a multi-discipline engineering firm and a large part of our work is in civil engineering services. In this episode we have the privilege of speaking with the leader of our civil team, Russell Yeager! We have the opportunity to discuss what it’s like managing such a large section of our firm and what gets him excited to serve our clients and fellow team members. Russell is based out of our office in San Antonio – a city for which he holds a deep passion for. He has been involved in a number of projects that have shaped the changing

WGI Podcast

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 008 – Ashley Weldon – Accounts Payable Administrator

Every professional services firm needs a backbone of organization and effective systems — especially engineers! Thousands of design professional firms across the world operate and succeed because of the unsung heroes of accounting, human resources, marketing, and more. In this episode we speak to one our own heroes of accounting: Ashley Weldon! Ashley is WGI’s Accounts Payable Administrator. She pays our bills — literally! She speaks to us about what it feels like working in a culture that values and elevates the folks that keep our business running each day. Ashley reveals some of her creative communication techniques to stay

WGI Podcast

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 007 – Joel Blok, P.E. – Construction Services Team Leader

Every successful design should result in a successfully constructed product. That’s what this episode’s guest is tasked with facilitating in our Austin market. Joel Blok is our construction phase manager and ensures that BIG RED DOG is proactive and responsive in the construction process of our projects. From assisting the design team with QA/QC to pre-construction kickoffs through submittals, inspections, and eventually delivery, Joel and his team help bring the BRD expertise onto the ground. Joel came to Austin from Michigan. He describes his experience with Engineers Without Borders while in college and his numerous personal endeavors outside of work, including

WGI Podcast

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 006 – Siri Soth, E.I.T. – Graduate Engineer

We’re celebrating the 9th Anniversary of BIG RED DOG Engineering on this episode! We have the pleasure of speaking with Siri Soth, one of our Graduate Engineers from our Austin Civil Commercial team. Siri started her career with BIG RED DOG as an intern while finishing her degree at the University of Texas at Austin. She speaks to her experience of getting ahead of the game by utilizing both a Spring and Summer semester to gain experience in land development before graduation. She also gives insight into her incredible study abroad opportunities that afforded her the opportunity to positively impact communities

WGI Podcast

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 005 – Walker Santiago – Senior Civil Designer

In this episode, we speak to one of the individuals who are on the front line every day helping us create accurate, expertly designed construction plans and documents. Walker Santiago is a Senior Project Designer and Shareholder with over two decades of civil design experience in the land development and public works industry. Walker has a virtually encyclopedic knowledge of CAD, drone technology, 3D modelling, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR), and nearly anything tech-related that can enrich the design process! Learn about his experience working in the Austin and San Antonio offices as well as what it’s like to be a shareholder

WGI Podcast

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 004 – Amanda Saldivar – Assistant Civil Team Leader

We’re taking the Unleashed tour to San Antonio on this episode! Amanda Saldivar started as the 5th employee in the San Antonio office just over 5 years ago. As our second largest and oldest office, San Antonio services a thriving development market and Amanda and her team are experts in making projects successful in the region. We speak to her about what makes the SATX office such a great place to work at. Amanda discusses her path towards civil engineering and land development, coming from a family of engineers and getting her degree at the University of Texas at

WGI Podcast

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 003 – Marc Remmert, P.E. – Director of MEP Engineering

Many folks may typically associate us with civil engineering work, but we are a thriving multi-discipline engineering firm with service lines including MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), Structural, Traffic, and Transportationdesign services. We grabbed our Director of MEP Engineering, Marc Remmert, to give us a peek into what it takes to run a successful building services service line. Marc joined BIG RED DOG as a Graduate Engineer and worked his way up to shareholder and the leader of his department, so he has a unique perspective of how BIG RED DOG is impacting building design services in a unique way at every level.

WGI Podcast

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 002 – Sam Donnelly – Civil Graduate Engineer

We kicked off the show in the first episode with our CEO and Co-Founder, we figured it would be nice to leap over to the opposite end of the org chart, as it were, with someone who just recently joined the BIG RED DOG team full time. Sam was a Civil Intern in our Houston office during the Fall of 2017 and joined us full time as a Graduate Engineer in January 2018. Sam recounts his experience as an intern and a junior engineer with our firm and describes what drew him to this organization and industry. Born in

UNLEASHED Podcast Episode 001 – Will Schnier, P.E. – Chief Executive Officer

For our first episode, we launch things off from the very beginning with our CEO, Will Schnier, P.E. Will co-founded BIG RED DOG in 2009, along with Brad Lingvai and Bob Brown, amidst the Great Recession. At one of the development industry’s most prominent nadirs, these three young engineers and design professionals saw an opportunity to turn the engineering consultant industry on its head and form an organization around their core beliefs and lessons learned at former companies. Will discusses what key experiences and people shaped his path of entrepreneurship and the cultural touchstones that have made BIG RED


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